Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum Ingredients

Beauty and skin care go hand in hand, especially for those who want to show off their best with confidence. Starting good skin habits at a young age will contribute to younger looking skin in our not so young years later on. Good eating habits of healthy organic foods to contribute to a more beautiful younger looking skin. Besides good daily habits of serious skin care, there is also the very strong advice of skin cancer doctors to never smoke and always use skin protection in the sun.  But it does not just end here. You need a collagen boosting skincare product, especially  a serum like Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum .

Collagen also protects structures by preventing absorption and spreading of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, micro-organisms and cancerous cells. Reduced collagen means wrinkles. Collagen protein is the glue that holds everything together and its production in the most natural way possible is very important. This can be achieved by using collagen booster like Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum .

Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum  contains collagen boosting ingredients which stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen rather than containing huge molecules of collagen itself. Read in detail what the ingredients of Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum  are and what their purpose in the serum is.


Trylagen in Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum  provides a better cohesion and stabilisation of collagen fibres and gives suppleness to the skin. It is a combination of active peptides and vitamins that provide an efficient treatment to restore the collagen levels of youth and mature skin, maintaining an adequate long-lasting collagen function that will ensure a healthy and youthful skin.


Peptides are known for considerably stimulating the collagen production in cells that provide structure to connective tissues. These results are seen when this particular peptide is used for a significant amount of time, encouraging firmer skin. They boost anti-aging skin care regimens by helping reduce the inflammatory response in the skin. It is also known to reduce the damage inflicted by exposure to pollution, ultraviolet light and other factors that are known to stress the skin.


Vitamins can help protect the skin against sun damage and skin cancer. And they may actually reverse some of the discoloration and wrinkles associated with aging. The antioxidants that come from them,work by speeding up the skin’s natural repair systems and by directly inhibiting further damage


  • Boosts natural interactions between collagen fibers and fibroblasts.
  • Tightens the skin from within.
  • Rejuvenates skin for a clearer, more vibrant and glowing complexion.
  • Provides skin with maximum sun protection against UV rays.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen so that skin’s moisture and elasticity is increased to visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum  is a proprietary blend of both these ingredients which stimulate your skin cells in the production of collagen and also slow down its degradation. Skin experts working with Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum , have tried and tested the formula on various skin types.

Where To Buy Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum ?

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Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum Ingredients
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